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Meet The St Neots Vets Team | Vets4Pets
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Vets4Pets St. Neots

Meet the team

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Dr Mark B. Hedberg

Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

Mark is an American born veterinary surgeon with clinical experience in the Middle East and the United Kingdom. A longtime fan of pets both old and young, he especially enjoys working with cats, dogs, reptiles, and birds. He also enjoys untangling those chronic health issues that plague older pets, helping them maintain a great quality of life for as long as possible. He enjoys playing folk guitar and spending time with his family.

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Head Veterinary Nurse

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Rachel Freeman

Veterinary Care Assistant

I am the Veterinary Care Assistant at Vets4Pets, and I joined the practice when we opened in March. I had never worked in veterinary practice before, but I love it!  The variety of species is what I enjoy the most - we see so many different breeds of cats and dogs and sometimes more exotic species, like snakes and tortoises. 

I have a wide range of animal experience from working in a zoo, to kennels and at an open farm. I have owned cats and dogs before, but don’t have any at the moment, although I do want to change that very soon, and have my very own fur baby again!!!

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Rhiannon Thomas


Hi, my name is Rhiannon and I am one of the receptionists at Vets4Pets St.Neots. This is the first time that I have worked in a veterinary practice, however I am no stranger to a reception desk!

Being in the vets is a new and exciting challenge for me and I love it already, from cuddling the different animals, to getting to know our regular customers and being a friendly, familiar face.

I love all animals but especially dogs and horses. At home I have a Jack Russell called Jessie, who loves plenty of cuddles and several horses.