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Meet the Sydenham Vet team

Sydenham V4P Javier Herrero

Javier Herrero MRCVS

Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

I am originally from a village in the pure Spanish countryside, where the closest city is Segovia, which is very near Madrid. I graduated in Leon in 2007 after spending my last year of university in Valencia. I have been working in South East London since 2010 in various Small Animal Practices and Emergency and Out of Hours centres; This year as well as stating up this practice I also plan to start a post graduate certificate in Small Animal Surgery.

Outside of work, I spend the very little time I have with friends, enjoying the amazing British countryside and enjoy watching movies. I particularly enjoy football and tennis and have a tendency to be slightly competitive. Last year I took on a very young stray cat with a spinal problem, it was quite sad at the time, as he could not use his hind legs. That was around a year ago but now, he is "unstoppable", although he still walks a little bit like Charlie Chaplin, which is how he got his name, "Charlie. He has got a very strong personality too.

My aim is to be able to provide the most professional and educated service to both, patient and client; and with honesty as the main rule.

Sydenham V4P Rafael Garrido

Rafael Garrido MRCVS

Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

I am originally from Granada in southern Spain and qualified as a vet in 2006. Since February 2009. I have been working within the Sidcup area of the UK in small animal practice. I love being in the operating theatre and I have always been interested in echography (echocardiography, abdominal ultrasonography, eyes). I have a strong passion for small animal internal medicine and I'm currently undertaking a 2 years certificate in small animal internal medicine.

When not working my hobbies include fossils, picking mushrooms, photography, reading and of course animals. I especially enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I'm happily married to Katarina, who is a vet as well, and we have a six and a half months old daughter called Lucia. Our pets are Lady and Cesar both of them 6 and a half years old. We also have some Neon fish and 3 Yamato shrimps!

I would like to offer a very good service to my clients and to provide the best treatment for my patients. My next goal will be to do some advance courses on ultrasonography and cardiology.

Sydenham V4P Ashleigh.jpg

Ashleigh Bartlett MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Ashleigh is originally from Greenwich, London and studied at the Royal Veterinary College. She graduated in 2013 and started working in Small Animal Practice soon after. She has a keen interest in small mammal medicine such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats, for example. 

Ashleigh is currently undertaking and enjoying working towards a certificate in small animal internal medicine. Out of work she enjoys socialising, drawing/art, walking, going to museums, art galleries and the many markets London has to offer and photography. She also enjoys exercising and baking. She has two Russian Dwarf Hamsters (Forest and Morticia) who are perhaps the most spoilt hamsters around and are always waiting for a tasty treat when she gets home!

Sydenham V4P Hannah.jpg

Hannah RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Originally from a small village in Wicklow in southern Ireland, Hannah graduated and qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2013. She decided to move to London in 2014 to pursue her career in small animal nursing and has worked in Vets4Pets Sydenham ever since. 

She mostly enjoys being in surgery and looking after in-patients. Outside of work she spends time with her friends and family as much as possible and tries to fly home to Ireland whenever she gets the opportunity. Since moving here she adopted a guinea pig called Steve from Pets at Home who was ill for quite some time, but is now happy and healthy.

Sydenham V4P Demi.jpg


Veterinary Care Assistant

Demi joined Vets4pets Sydenham when the practice first opened in March 2014. Before that she worked in a number of different animal environments including farms and stables and other veterinary practices and gained a wide experience. 

She really enjoys working in the practice and she is passionate about it. Demi has a keen interest in reptiles and exotic animals. She owns several animals including 3 arachnids, a Pumpkin Patch Tarantula (Pumpkin), a Goliath Bird Eating Spider (Savvi) and a Chilean Rose (Rosie), a royal python (Pandora), 3 dogs (Tia and Paige-pictured), Taygo (a great dane cross) and 2 cats (Mickey and Midnight). When she is not working she is quite artistic and enjoys creative crafts.

Sydenham V4P Stephanie.jpg


Student Veterinary Nurse

Stephanie joined Vets4pets Sydenham when the practice first opened in March 2014 and is now undertaking a course to become a Qualified Veterinary Nurse. 

She has a range of pets that consist of 2 dogs (Noah and Henry), 3 crested geckos, 2 rabbits (Arthur and Amelia) who were adopted from pets at home, 2 cockatiels, ducks and chickens. When she is not working she enjoys walking her dogs, going out with friends and spending time with her family.

Sydenham V4P Madison.jpg



Sydenham V4P Faye.jpg



Faye has been a receptionist here at Vets4Pets Sydenham since August 2015. At home she has 2 dogs (Tess and Ruby) and some tropical fish. 

Originally she was interested in art and attended UCA Rochester for a year. She then went onto other things and has recently qualified as a Beauty Therapist. In her spare time Faye enjoys walking her dogs, going to the gym and spending time with friends and family.