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Meet the Torquay Vet team

Ardia Vilijoen Torquay JVP

A.D. Viljoen BVSc GPCert(SAM) MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon & Partner

My initials also serve as my name and when pronounced in my home language Afrikaans this sounds near enough like 'Ardia'. I have been practising as a vet for 11 years, about half of that time in my home country South Africa and the last 5 years in the UK. I am a firm believer in Relationship-Centred Care in which all treatment options for any condition are discussed with the animal's owner, after which a joint decision on which option is best for the animal and their owner is made between the vet and the client.

I gained extensive knowledge working as a lecturer for a few years in a gold standard academic hospital in South Africa. During this time I also ran a weekly bush clinic, parking a car and trailer under a tree in the African bush and dealing with whatever animals were presented to me for treatment. I also worked all over South Africa as a contract worker in mixed animal practice and I made the move to dealing with pet animals exclusively at the same time as I moved to the UK. In London I was based in one of the best rated practices for client service in the country for two and a half years.

I enjoy maintaining my broad experience base in small animal practice and doing so at a high standard. I have a General Practitioners Certificate in Small Animal Medicine which means I have undertaken further study on how to deal with more complicated medical cases. I enjoy doing ultrasound and general surgery and, as I am conscious that referral is not an option for every client, I also maintain my skills in routine orthopaedic surgery.

Three years ago I moved to Exeter to start a family and, together with my wife and daughter, we are very excited to have made our more recent move to Torquay. We have a very special and demanding cat called Pixie, originally a patient that eventually came home with me. Pixie enjoys endlessly provoking our dog, Lefienja, who is a young boxer-collie cross. Lefienja is both very busy and very stubborn. When asked as to what we were thinking at the time we got this particular cross-breed, our answer is "we are not quite sure" but we love her to bits and she is our daughter's favourite thing in the whole wide world.

Amy V4P Torquay.jpg

Amy Campbell-Gilles RVN

Head Veterinary Nurse

I love this Vets4Pets team I have joined. They are a truly a wonderful bunch! 

I have been nursing for 13 years now and I still love it. I qualified in 2010 and as a clinical coach I have the privilege of helping and teaching student veterinary nurses. I

 have always had animals and couldn’t imagine my life without them. I love dogs and horses but my husband says I’m a crazy cat lady which I would probably have to agree with. We have 2 cats; Bagheera and Finn. I love sports especially horse riding and snowboarding but unfortunately due to health reasons can no longer take part. So now I enjoy playing the piano, watching films, baking and spending time with my friends and family. 

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Emma McGuirl RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse

As soon as I left school I knew this is what I wanted to do, so I went straight into an animal nursing assistant course which helped me get my first veterinary job in Exeter! Moving from receptionist to student veterinary nurse a few years later, I then moved to Vets4pets Torquay in 2015 to continue and later finish my training!

I am now a qualified veterinary nurse as of the beginning of 2017! This was always my dream and it is great to do it with such a wonderful team behind me! 

Working full time at Vets4pets Torquay as a veterinary nurse is great! Working so closely with clients through every step of their pets care is so satisfying and seeing the difference that I can make is so rewarding! I am also a clinical coach, helping train our future nurses. I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with both clients and colleagues every day

I currently live at home in Exeter with my parents and fiance, my British short hair cat; Bailey, my hamster; Sheldon and my newest addition, a Bengal cat; Harvey!