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Surgery at Vets4Pets Wolverhampton

Helping your pet to live a happy and healthy life

Road traffic accidents, falls, trips and other accidents are common among domestic pets, and often require extensive difficult surgery to get them back on the road to full health and fitness. Fortunately Vets4Pets Wolverhampton is able to offer an advanced surgical referral service for our registered clients and those of other practices.  

Headed up by partner, Mark Smith, we are able to undertake a wide range of orthopaedic and soft tissue procedures.

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Cruciate repair

We can offer four different methods to treat canine cruciate ligament problems which we can tailor depending on the weight and lifestyle of the pet and shape of the joint. 

The cruciate ligament helps secure the knee joint, and can tear fully or partially.  In very small dogs this can be managed medically, but in most cases surgery is required to stabilise the knee.  

Fracture repair

Sadly breaking bones is not uncommon after trauma. Appropriate care for broken bones, including surgical fixing and re-aligning bones that may be out of place, is important for the best possible healing and pain relief.

Patella luxation

The knee-cap is held in place by a groove in the bone of the knee and a ligament. If this ligament is too loose or the groove is too shallow, the knee-cap can pop out and then back in, which can cause lameness and lead to arthritis. Surgery can help prevent the knee-cap from dislocating in this way.

Shoulder Dysplasia

In this condition the shoulder joint is loose due to problems with development and this leads to instability, pain and eventually arthritis.  

Elbow Dysplasia

This quite common problem occurs when there are issues with the development of the elbow joint. This condition can also progress into arthritis. 

Hip Dysplasia

In this condition the hip joint develops poorly, leading to instability, pain and eventually arthritis. This can often be managed medically, but can require surgical intervention in some cases, such as hip replacements. 

Torn ligaments/tendons

There are many conditions where a joint may be unstable, or muscles may not function correctly, due to tearing of the soft tissue.  Fixing these can include surgical procedures to mend or replace damaged components. 

Total ear canal ablation

This is performed when ear disease is too advanced or deep for medical treatments to work. It involves removing all of the ear canal and cleaning of the middle ear. 

Bladder and kidney ureter surgery

We are able to perform various kidney bladder and ureter surgery , including ectopic ureter surgery and kidney removal. 

BOAS surgery

Most commonly performed in brachycephalic breeds such as Bulldogs and French Bulldogs, this involves shortening the soft palate and widening the nostrils. Sometimes laryngeal surgery is also required. 

Thoracic surgery

We are able to undertake surgery inside the chest cavity, including pericardectomy and lung lobe removal. 


We have the use of endoscopes (cameras) which we can use to look inside nostrils, airways and the stomach/oesophagus to investigate a range of conditions from nose bleeds to breathing issues.