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Vac4life from Vets4Pets, vaccinate your cat or dog for life

Free booster vaccinations and health checks for life for just £99 for your cat, dog or rabbit

Vaccinations and annual boosters are extremely important for our pets.  They help our cats, dogs and rabbits to maintain immunity against painful and potentially fatal diseases as well as helping to prevent the need for costly treatments in the future.

When you vaccinate your cat, dog or rabbit at Vets4Pets, for an extra £99* you can join our exclusive Vac4Life programme. 

Vac4Life is a lifetime vaccination plan which, for a one-off payment of £99*, will give your pet free annual boosters and annual health checks for the rest of his or her life!

"It's a great deal that can add up to hundreds of pounds of savings!"

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Vac4Life - £99.00

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