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Don't let your pets feel the chill this winter

Top Tips this winter!

Dogs love going on walks whatever the weather!

Keep your dogs in sight during foggy weather with high visibility jackets as well as winter coats, especially in smaller breeds.

Top tips for dog walking in winter. 

  • Towel dry them as soon as you get home. 
  • Don't forget to dry in between their toes. 
  • Wash any mud off their coat. 
  • Avoid ponds and lakes as thin ice may break. 

Keeping cats safe this winter

  • Ensure they are microchipped. 
  • Provide a reflective collar. 
  • Keep them indoors at night.
Cats favourite hot spots: 
  • Car bonnets 
  • Tumble dryers 
  • Near open fires 

Make sure you always check for cats before turning appliances on, or driving away in your car. 

Top tips for small furries:
  • Raise their beds and hutches off the ground, this prevents the bottom getting too cold! 
  • Provide extra bedding and ensure they are sheltered from wind. 
  • Keep an eye on their water, making sure it doesn't freeze.

For small furries either kept inside, or moved inside remember no to place them too close to radiators. They can suffer heat stress and can become ill if they overheat.