dog with bandage on paw at vets

Gold Standard Neutering Service

Enhanced Neutering Experience with the Platinum Package for £75

What does this include:

  • A blood test prior to the procedure to check the liver, kidneys, blood proteins and for diabetes
  • A blood test to check for Lungworm, which can cause fatal clotting disorders
  • Fluids into the vein during the operation to maintain blood pressure and hydration and encourage a smoother anaesthetic recovery
  • A pack of gastrointestinal food to reduce any stomach upsets following surgery
  • An inflatable collar or surgical shirt is available at an additional cost (£5-£20 based on choice and pet size)

Only available at Vets4Pets Walton Vale. Please note that this is an additional cost on top of our usual charge for neutering, please call the surgery on 0151 525 9646 for further details.

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