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Welcome to our dementia symptom checker

Have you noticed your older cat acting differently? This could be down to a number of reasons, one of which could be dementia (also known as cognitive disfunction). Up to 85% of dementia cases go undiagnosed, so to help you rule this out, take our questionnaire now.


The following questionnaire is designed to evaluate any changes in the behaviour of your older cat.

It can help to identify whether they are likely to be due to a medical condition such as dementia, or simply a normal consequence of ageing.

When answering the questions, please only describe what you have seen in the past six months.

If you cannot answer a question for some reason, please leave it blank.

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Indicate if your cat is displaying the following behaviours:

Is less willing to jump up or down
Shows signs of being stiff sometimes
Shows signs of lameness or limping
Has difficulty getting in or out the pet door
Has difficulty going up or down the stairs
Cries when picked up
Has more accidents outside the litter box
Spends less time grooming
Is more reluctant to interact with me
Plays less with other animals or toys
Sleeps more and / or is less active
Cries out loudly for no apparent reason
Appears forgetful

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