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How A Change In Routine Affects Our Cats

Lots of pets find predictability keeps their stress levels low. So, for pets who have had to adapt to big changes within their home and family, this can be a time of increased anxiety. It’s not just dogs who might display signs of anxiety, either. Cats who like their independence may be finding their invasion of privacy rather inconvenient.

Some common things you might notice if your cat is feeling like this are house soiling, grumpiness or aggression, or attention seeking behaviour. Your cat will learn quickly that, if they come and dip their paws into your drinking glass, you’ll go and turn on a tap to get them fresh water – which gives them an opportunity to play in the water stream in the sink; or they’ll figure out that, by lying down on the magazine you’re reading, they’ll get a few moments of attention as you move them to the seat beside you... only for them to return, seconds later!

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3 ways to help cats cope with a change in routine

Cats certainly like to know what to expect from the world around them. When their usual peace and quiet becomes a thing of the past, this can cause cats to feel anxious.

Quiet hiding places

Make sure cats have quiet places to hide away if they need to.

Many cats really like to be up high, so beds on top of wardrobes or cupboards can be a great refuge for cats who want to escape the hubbub of family life.

Food and water

You can position food and water stations and litter trays in quiet places away from busy areas of the home – but make sure dogs can’t gobble up cats’ food!

Remember to keep cat’s food and water away from their litter tray and, if possible, food and water in separate locations from each other as well.


Your cat will probably let you know when they’d like some lap time and attention, and this can be a lovely way to spend time relaxing together.

Health Plans to keep your cat healthy

At Vets4Pets we offer a range of Health Plans that make essential routine treatments more affordable. You'll save money on things like annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and routine health check-ups.

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