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Kitten advice articles

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Bringing kitten home panel image.jpg

Getting your kitten used to it's new home

Everyone feels a little apprehensive when experiencing something new, and your new kitten’s first few hours in your home can be quite daunting.

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Dealing with fleas on your kitten panel image.jpg

Keeping your kitten free of fleas

You may think your kitten is tiny, but there’s an even smaller creature that fancies having a nibble at its skin – and it’s a lot less cute than your pet.

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Worming your kitten panel image.jpg

Protecting your kitten from worms

Just because your tiny bundle of joy hasn’t been outside doesn’t mean it can’t come into contact with parasites that can cause problems.

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Kitten litter training panel image.jpg

Litter training your kitten

If you have an untrained kitten, you need to make it as easy as possible for your pet to use the tray – otherwise, they might choose not to. And that can mean a few messy accidents!

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Kitten vaccinations panel image.jpg

Do you have an indoor or outdoor cat?

Discover the benefits and risks of indoor and outdoor cat lifestyles.

More information on cat lifestlyes

Kitten diet panel image.jpg

Feeding your kitten the right diet

If a kitten is going to grow into a healthy adult cat, it needs to be given the right balance of nutrients for this crucial stage of life.

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