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Bringing home your new kitten
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Kitten advice: getting your kitten used to its new home

A new home can be a scary place for a kitten, so how can you help?

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Easy does it

Everyone feels a little apprehensive when experiencing something new, and your new kitten’s first few hours in your home can be quite daunting. Excited children can make lots of noise, but it’s much better to keep things calm as your pet begins to explore its new environment. Remember, however, that every kitten is different, so some may want to play immediately while others will be much more wary.

Take things slowly

See things through your kitten’s eyes and it’s easy to imagine how nerve-wracking it must be to arrive in a new house. The best option is always to take things slowly, giving your new arrival time and space to get used to the surroundings without crowding it in and making lots of noise.

Play away

Although you will need to be calm and gentle with your new kitten, try and play with it quite soon after it arrives. This will help it get used to you as well as the surroundings. Pet toys such as balls or dangling strings are a good idea, but always make sure they are safe for kittens. Gently picking up your kitten from time to time is a good idea too, as this gets it accustomed to being handled.

Bed time

Kittens tend to have bursts of energy followed by short naps throughout the day, but during the night, you will probably want to establish a more regular bed time. Your kitten may explore at night so decide which rooms you want it to be able to access, then close the other doors. Put its bed in a warm, secure place, but make sure it can get to its litter tray, food and water.