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Feeding your kitten the right diet

Kitten advice: what is the right food for your kitten

With so much growing to do, kittens’ food counts for a lot

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Big and strong

If a kitten is going to grow into a healthy adult cat, it needs to be given the right balance of nutrients for this crucial stage of life. Look for dedicated kitten food and only give the quantity suggested on the packaging – this will depend on its age and weight.

Little and often

A kitten’s stomach is tiny, but it does need regular feeding to help it grow, so the best approach is to give it several small meals throughout the day. Five small meals will generally be right for most kittens, though always check the food packet.

Gradual change

If your kitten has come from a breeder, start by giving them the same food that they are used to. If you want to switch to another food, do it gradually over a week or so, mixing the old with the new but adjusting the quantities over time.

Water is the one

Whatever food you choose for your kitten, never forget that it must have fresh water available round the clock. If your kitten eats dry biscuit-type food, it will need more water than if it eats wet food from a can or packet.