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If fleas take a fancy to your kitten, we’ll help you get rid of them 

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Stop the itch

You may think your kitten is tiny, but there’s an even smaller creature that fancies having a nibble at its skin – and it’s a lot less cute than your pet. Fleas are always a potential problem for cats, and though the odd one is to be expected, an infestation can cause lots of problems.

What do fleas do?

Fleas feed on blood from your pet – or from you if they get the chance! For an animal as small as a kitten, this blood loss can be dangerous, so getting rid of fleas should be a priority. Fleas can also cause tapeworms if your kitten swallows them, so although the itching can be troublesome, it definitely isn’t the only problem.

Checking for fleas

When your kitten is settled, comb through its fur and drop any specks that you pick up onto a sheet of wet kitchen paper. If the specks turn red/brown, what you are looking at is dried blood caused by fleas feeding on your pet. If you are unsure how to check, Vets4Pets will be happy to do it for you.


Although there are lots of flea treatments available, it’s a good idea to check with Vets4Pets before you choose one. Different treatments suit different animals, and kittens are so delicate that they must be treated with one that’s appropriate to their tiny size and low weight. But don’t worry – regular treatment will usually keep flea infestations at bay.