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Kitten advice: litter training your kitten

Learning how to use a litter tray is a key life skill for your pet

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Keep it clean

Kittens often learn to use a litter tray by watching their mum, so if you’re lucky, your kitten will be totally toilet trained by the time it moves in with you. However, if you have an untrained kitten, you need to make it as easy as possible for your pet to use the tray – otherwise, it might choose not to. And that can mean a few messy accidents!

Right size, right place

Choose a litter tray that’s shallow enough for your kitten to get in and out of easily, and keep it somewhere clean and quiet, away from the kitten’s food or water bowls. Place it on some newspaper to catch any overspill.

That's the way to do it

You should expect a few accidents while you are toilet training your kitten, but keep an eye on its behaviour and you will soon see an improvement. Get into the habit of placing your kitten in its tray when it wakes up, after feeding, or if it starts sniffing or scratching in a corner.

Nice and clean

Urine-soaked litter or faeces should be removed from the tray as soon as possible. Clumping cat litter can be lifted out with a scoop, but you will still need to clean and disinfect the whole tray regularly. 


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