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Kitten advice: protecting your kitten through vaccination

Keep your pet safe from disease by vaccinating regularly

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Just a jab

All cats are vulnerable to disease, but kittens being so small and brand new, kittens can be at particular risk. It’s important to get them vaccinated early in life to give them years of protection from some very nasty conditions, so if you’re getting a new kitten, contact Vets4Pets to ask about making a vaccination appointment. 

What does it protect against?

The diseases we can vaccinate your kitten against are feline viral infectious respiratory disease (also called cat flu), feline panleucopaenia (or enteritis) and feline leukaemia. If you will be travelling with your kitten, we can also vaccinate against rabies. All these conditions can be serious and potentially fatal.  For more information, contact your local practice

When to do it

We recommend that your kitten has its first vaccinations from around 8-9 weeks old. It will need a primary course, which consists of two injections three to four weeks apart, and should then have an annual booster jab to maintain the protection. Keep your kitten indoors until the primary vaccination course has finished as this will stop it mixing with other cats who could be carrying diseases.

Get a health check

Bringing your new kitten in to Vets4Pets for its first jabs isn’t simply a chance to protect it from some nasty diseases. It also means we can check its general health and give you some extra advice about bringing up a happy, healthy cat. You’ll also be able to ask the pet experts any questions that are rattling round your mind! 

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