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Kitten advice: protecting your kitten from worms

Worm infestations can make kittens very ill so keep yours protected

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Stay worm-free

Just because your tiny bundle of joy hasn’t been outside doesn’t mean it can’t come into contact with parasites that can cause problems. Kittens can actually pick up worms from their mother’s milk, so the animal’s previous owner should have wormed it at two, five and eight weeks.

Common worms

The two main worms that affect kittens are roundworms and tapeworms. Roundworms can also infect people, especially children, and if they grow unchecked, they can even cause blindness. Tapeworms take up home in your kitten’s gut and steal the nutrients from its food. For a pet as tiny as a kitten, this can be very dangerous.

Regular treatment

By having your kitten wormed regularly, you give it the best possible protection against these nasty parasites. We recommend that kittens are wormed every month until they are six months old, then every three months after that. Ask about worming treatments when you bring your kitten for its first course of vaccinations. That way we can make sure it’s protected nice and early.

The right dose

There are a few treatment options but not all of them may be right for your kitten, so contact Vets4Pets and we will be able to prescribe the most appropriate. The dose will depend on your pet’s weight, so regularly visits give us chance to weight your animal and help make sure the dose is correct.