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Playing With Your Kitten

Playing with your kitten helps keep it happy and healthy

Kittens are tiny bundles of energy, and they need lots of stimulation if they’re going to grow up to be active, well-adjusted adult cats. You can play a crucial role by giving your kitten lots of attention, playing with it as much as you can – though remembering to let it rest when it’s time to calm down.

Toys for your kitten

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More about playing with your kitten

Cats are natural hunters, but as they get all the food they need from you, those hunting instincts will come out at play time. Encourage them to leap, pounce, hide and jump out at you. This is how they practice hunting in the wild – but it looks so cute too!

You don’t need to spend lots of money to entertain your kitten with fancy toys. A simple ball, even one made of rolled up kitchen foil, will give your kitten hours of fun scampering round the house. Sticks with dangling string are another favourite. Simply dangle the string close your kitten and watch it jump!

Kittens also love play fighting, and if they have brothers or sisters, they’ll have lots of fun between themselves. If there aren’t any other kittens around, some of that behaviour will be turned on you, and while a tiny kitten’s claws won’t do much damage, it won’t be long before the scratches get painful. It’s best to avoid letting them get too tough with you!

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