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Cat advice: having your pet put down

It’s always tough, but putting your cat to sleep can be for the best

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Time to say goodbye

Everyone who owns a cat knows that one day, the end will come. Sometimes, due to serious illness or severe injury, the kindest option is to have your cat put down by a vet. It’s never an easy decision, but at Vets4Pets we are well aware of what it means to you, and will always put your cat to sleep with sensitivity and understanding.

We'll help you decide

You don’t have to make the decision alone. We are pet experts who understand illness and injury, and we know when your cat is likely to be in long-term pain or serious discomfort. In these situations, be sure to contact your local Vets4Pets practice we will let you know what lies ahead for your pet, and explain how euthanasia can end their suffering.

How is it done?

The procedure is very gentle and won’t cause your cat any distress. We give an injection, usually into the vein on the animal’s front leg, using a heavy anaesthetic which puts the pet to sleep and then stops its heart. In this way, the cat dies peacefully in its sleep.

What happens after?

There are a few options available, from a respectful cremation with other animals to an individual cremation which allows you to then take the ashes and scatter them where you wish. Please be aware that this option costs a little more. Alternatively, you can bury your pet in your garden. If you choose this option, you will need to then wrap the animal in a cotton sheet and bury 2-3 feet down.