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Moving house?

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. It’s worth considering the effect moving can have on your pets.

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Your dog can be affected by a big change like a house move leading to behaviour and anxiety problems. However, with a little preparation and consideration you can make things much easier for your dog to help keep them calm and happy.

It’s not just moving day when the removal company arrives that can be difficult for your dog. Moving items around and introducing lots of boxes and packing materials can be very unsettling for them.

Once in their new home, try to create a quiet area where your dog can feel safe with their bed, any favourite toys, their water nearby etc.

Scents are important to dogs

We often forget how important smell is to our dogs and all this moving things around can really change the odour of a place! Scent left on your dog’s bed, items of your clothing or other familiar pieces of furniture will also be comforting to your dog so make sure these are available whilst they are travelling and also once you reach your new house.

Smells left behind by previous pets who lived in your new house before you can be a real problem, so make sure the house has had a thorough clean before you introduce your pets to their new home.

Making sure your dog is relaxed

There are special plug-ins you can buy from your local Vets4Pets practice which emit a scent which mimics the naturally occurring pheromones that a new mother would produce which can help your dog feel more relaxed. These can be used both in your old home whilst the packing process is going on and then also in your new home once you’ve moved to help your dog settle in.

Dealing with travel sickness in dogs

Some dogs find travelling harder than others. Some are seasoned car passengers and sit quite happily enjoying the view whilst others can really suffer from car sickness, especially on long journeys. 

If your dog is not a good traveller, pop in to your local Vets4Pets practice and have a chat to the vet about ways they can help with this. There are drugs your vet can prescribe which help solve the problem of car sickness so you can all have a stress free journey.