Puppy Sleeping 16x9

How much do puppies need to sleep?

You might notice that your puppy sleeps a lot. We're here to help you understand your puppy's sleeping habits.

When a new puppy joins the family, you can find guidelines for most aspects of their care, from feeding to preventative healthcare to training and socialisation. But what about sleeping? If you haven’t had a puppy for a while, or if this is your first puppy, how do you know how long a puppy should sleep for, and how do you teach puppies a good bedtime routine

Just like human babies, puppies need the most sleep when they’re very young and they gradually require less as they get older. Of course, sleep can be influenced from day to day by things like physical activity levels, feeding, and human factors, such as play or training. 

Dogs are diurnal, polyphasic sleepers, meaning they get most of their sleep during the night but take at least two naps during the day. Some researchers think that domestic dogs may have adapted to align their sleep patterns more closely with those of humans, as wild canids aren’t strongly diurnal. Adult dogs sleep on average for 10-12 hours per 24-hour period. Growing puppies require more sleep than most adult dogs do and, when they’re very young, their sleep is strongly polyphasic – they alternate short periods of feeding and activity with sleep throughout the day. Surprisingly little is known about puppies’ sleeping habits and few studies exist that help us to understand it well. We do know, however, from experiments that were carried out in the past, that getting enough sleep is absolutely vital to growing puppies.

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