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Dog advice: dental care for your pet

From teeth cleaning to a scale and polish, look after your dog’s teeth

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Stay clean and bright

Your dog’s teeth have a tough job to do, and if they are not looked after, they can soon start to cause problems. If plaque and tartar build up, bacteria can begin to make a home in your dog’s mouth leading to smelly breath, infected gums, and even damage to your pet’s internal organs.

Regular check-ups

Your dog’s teeth will almost always be checked when you visit the vet, with the annual vaccination being a great time to make sure everything is fine. However, if you aren’t sure when your pet’s teeth were last checked, or you think there may be a problem, get in touch with Vets4Pets.

How to brush a dog's teeth

Although a regular check by a vet is important, prevention is always better than cure! Special toothpaste and toothbrushes are available, and brushing your dog’s teeth could be easier than you think. For a few days, choose a time when your dog is relaxed, then gently stroke its cheek for a couple of minutes so it gets used to the action. For the next few days, let it lick a small amount of toothpaste from your finger too. Next, try gently brushing its teeth. With a little practice, it will soon let you complete the task.

Scale and polish

When your vet takes a look at your dog’s teeth, they may decide that more thorough cleaning is needed. A scale and polish will clean above and below the gum-line, but your pet will need to be anaesthetised to do it. It’s a straightforward procedure, but will usually mean you dog spends a day at the vet.