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Good behaviour in puppies
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Dog advice: the secret of a well-behaved puppy

A dog with good manners is easier to handle and great to be around

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It costs nothing to be nice

A well-behaved dog is much easier to look after than a pet that never pays attention to its owner! By far the best way to make sure your dog is a polite delight is to get it used to your rules from an early age, and then stick to them. A dog that jumps all over visitors every time they walk in the door can be exhausting, but with a little care and attention when they are young, you can raise a puppy with good manners.

You make the rules

Every household has its own likes and dislikes, so the rules that your dog should stick to are up to you. Is it allowed on the sofa in the living room? Can it wander into your bedroom whenever it likes? It’s your house so you decide, but remember that whatever rules you have when the dog is a puppy, you will need to stick with for years to come.

Consistency is key

Without consistent rules, your puppy will become confused and never know what is expected of it. This can lead to an unsettled and anxious life, as your pet will never quite know whether it’s behaving well or badly. Once you’ve made the rules you must stick to them, and so should everyone else in the house.

Sit down

A top behaviour tip is to teach your puppy to sit when it wants something. Whether it wants a treat or its dinner or a walk in the park, if it sits down first, you will be able to get out the dog food or fasten its lead quickly and easily. If not, you will need to deal with an excited dog that might be jumping all over you or trying its best to get out of the door