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Dog advice: it's a big wide world for your puppy

The world can be a confusing place for a puppy so give it some help

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Get out and about

Just like human children, puppies are at an impressionable age and their experience of the world can shape the animal they grow up to be. A dog without much experience of people, noise or other animals is likely to be nervous and anxious, but if you get your puppy used to all kinds of happy experiences early in life, you’ve got a great chance of raising a happy, lively dog.

Vaccinate first

Going out with your puppy while it’s still young is the best way to make sure it gets used to all the sights and sounds of everyday life, but it’s really important that you wait until its primary vaccination course is complete. If you take it out before then, it’s at risk of some nasty and potentially dangerous diseases.

Positive encounters

Try and make sure that when you and your puppy meet people in the street or the park, it enjoys a pleasant experience. If new people can give your puppy a treat, your pet is much less likely to be nervous or frightened of strangers. Alternatively, ask people to throw a ball or stick for your dog to chase. It all helps reassure them that the world is a friendly place.

Time to rest

Puppies can get tired quickly and need lots of rest, particularly when they are very young, so make sure that your journeys out into the world don’t go on too long without a chance for your pet to have a snooze. A few short trips are better than a long walk that exhausts your dog.