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Puppy Flea Treatment & Advice

Lots scratching could mean fleas love your puppy

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End the itch

Fleas are tiny parasites that feed on the blood of animals, or sometimes people if they get the chance. Puppies can pick them up very easily and you need to try and stop them getting established on your pet, as once they begin to multiply they can cause some serious health problems. They can even infest your home and are tricky to get rid of.

The problem with fleas

Fleas can be a problem on dogs of all ages, but they can be particularly serious on puppies. The parasite feeds on your pet’s blood, and because a tiny puppy doesn’t have as much blood in its body as an adult dog, the loss can be very significant. Fleas can also spread disease, including tapeworms if your puppy swallows them.

How to check

Wait until your puppy is calm and relaxed, then settle down with it and begin combing through its coat. Look out for small black or brown specks – or even actual fleas scuttling into the fur! If you find specks, drop them onto some damp kitchen paper. If they turn red, they are dried blood left behind from a flea bite.


Flea treatments are very effective at keeping the parasite at bay, but they need to be applied regularly in order to work properly. There are a few treatment options available, but you should speak to Vets4Pets first as we will be able to recommend the right solution for your puppy’s age, size and lifestyle. 


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