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Teaching your puppy to lie down
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Dog advice: teaching your puppy to lie down

Lying down on command is another handy skill for puppies to learn

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Get down on it

A well-behaved puppy is one that responds to your commands no matter where you happen to be. Being able to get your pet to lie down is one of the key dog training skills so give it a go!

Sit down

Begin with your puppy in a sitting position. Of course, you will need to have trained your pet to sit before you begin! You will also need a supply of treats so you can reward it when it gets things right.

Treat and praise

Give your puppy a treat, then hold another treat in front of its nose and lower it to the ground slowly. Hold it there and say “Down”. Your puppy’s nose should follow the treat, but don’t release it until your puppy is lying down. Once it is lying flat, praise your puppy and let it eat the treat.


As with all puppy training, you need to repeat the activity again and again. Puppies can get tired quite quickly, so practice the skill frequently, but in short bursts. Your pet is much more likely to enjoy training if you don’t tire it out, and it will therefore learn more quickly.