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Worming your puppy
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Dog advice: protecting your puppy from worms

Worms can threaten your puppy’s health so keep it protected

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Keep them at bay

Just because your puppy hasn’t been outside yet doesn’t mean that it can’t have picked up worms. These unpleasant parasites, which make their home inside your puppy’s body, might have been passed to your puppy by its mother. The breeder should have wormed your pet when it was very young, but it still pays to keep an eye out for problems.

What are worms?

There are two main types of worm that affect puppies. Roundworms are large white worms that feed on the contents of your puppy’s gut. Tapeworms look like long, flat ribbons that live in your puppy’s small intestine and consume nutrients from its food.


The food packaging will give you a guide to portion size, and it’s important that you offer the right amount for your dog’s breed, size and weight. Because your puppy’s stomach is only small, it’s better to feed small amounts more frequently rather than one or two big meals. Always remember that your puppy also needs clean water round the clock.


At Vets4Pets, we offer a range of treatment options depending on your puppy’s age and weight. Regular treatment is essential in order to keep worms at bay, so get in touch with us and we can give you advice about when to treat and what to use.