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Dog advice: helping your pet deal with travel sickness

Dogs can suffer stress and sickness when travelling just like us

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On the move

Just like humans, many dogs make good travellers while others can get anxious and sick on a journey, even a short one to the vet or groomer. Look out for signs such as excessive drooling, panting and swallowing, restlessness and trembling, retching or vomiting. Sometimes just the knowledge that they will soon be getting in the car is enough to trigger the signs.

The earlier the better

If you have a puppy, the best way to guard against future travel sickness is to get him or her used to travelling in the car from a young age. Take them on short, pleasurable journeys from time to time – perhaps to the park for a walk. That way, he or she will associate the car with fun times and should become a much happier traveller.

Sickness and stress

Try and avoid taking your dog in the car immediately after feeding. It’s much better for them to travel on an empty stomach as this will reduce the chance of sickness. They will need regular water though. For pets who get very stressed, it’s worth trying pheromone sprays such as Adaptil on their carrier or blanket. Ask Vets4Pets for more details.

Fresh air and calm

Your dog will be much happier in the car if the atmosphere is calm and quiet. Try and stop children getting too loud and excited, and if you like to have music on, keep it at a moderate volume. Plenty of fresh air will also help guard against sickness, so open the window – though remember that your dog should be restrained to stop him or her leaping out!