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Dog advice: having your pet put down

Putting your dog to sleep can sometimes be the kindest thing to do

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Time to say goodbye

Caring for a dog is one of life’s happiest experiences, but looking after a pet also comes with some sadness. One day, your beloved animal’s life will come to an end, sometimes naturally, sometimes accidentally, and sometimes because euthanasia – often known as having it ‘put down’, or ‘put to sleep’ – is the best way to relieve its suffering.

Making the decision

Deciding to have your dog put down is never easy, but if your pet has been very badly injured or is suffering from an incurable and painful condition, it is likely to be something you will need to consider. At Vets4Pets, we understand the difficulty you face, but we will always advise you with sympathy and kindness, giving you all the information you need in order to make the right choice.  Contact your local Vets4Pets for more information. 

What it involves

As very experienced vets, we have helped many dogs end their lives with dignity, so you can be sure that your precious pet is in good hands. The procedure itself usually involves giving the animal an injection in its front leg. The drug we give first acts as an anaesthetic which puts the dog to sleep, before then stopping the heart. You can be with your dog if you choose, or you can say your goodbyes before leaving us to carry out the procedure.

What happens after?

You can take your dog home for a private burial in your garden if you wish, or we can arrange for your pet to be cremated for you. You also have the option of paying a little extra for an individual cremation which enables you to have the ashes returned so you can scatter them in a special place.