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Case studies

If your pet is lost, it is important to contact the database which holds your pet’s contact details as soon as possible.

When Louisa lost her dog, Hamish, she was absolutely devasted. Thankfully, Hamish was microchipped so when he was brought in to Vets4Pets Buckingham he was able to be reunited with owner.

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When Thunder and his family moved house they did everything right. They settled him into his new home and kept him in the house to allow him to get used to his new surroundings. 

Once they felt he was ready, they decided to let him go and explore outside. Thunder didn’t return home and after looking high and low for him, his owners thought that the worst must have happened and that they would never see him again. Some two and a half years later, Thunder’s owners received a phone call from a Companion Care surgery in Fareham. Someone who suspected Thunder was a stray had picked him up and taken him in. The practice team had checked him over and then scanned him for a microchip. To their relief he was microchipped and a quick phone call to Petlog revealed his name and family’s contact details. Thunder’s owner arrived at the surgery later that day and, to her amazement, there was her beloved Thunder. 

She picked him up and he snuggled into her neck, giving her a big hug. Needless to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the surgery!

Microchipping case study Sidney.jpg

When Flossie and Sidney the Labradors were found running around the centre of Harrogate in the middle of the night, it was clear that they were a long way from home. 

Fortunately a kind member of the public made sure they were safe and the next day Vets4Pets Harrogate were able to reunite them quickly with their worried owner, thanks to their microchips.