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Neutering your pet

Neutering is a surgical or chemical procedure to prevent your pet from reproducing. 

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The healthiest option for your pet

Our burgeoning pet population has led to some terrifying statistics; every year, in the UK alone, 150,000 cats enter animal welfare organisations and over 100,000 dogs are abandoned. Part of this problem is unplanned reproduction, which is incredibly common. In fact, 80% of cat litters are produced accidentally!

Neutering also has health benefits as well as preventing reproduction, and is a great part of ensuring your pet has a healthy, happy life. Take a look below to find out all about neutering or sterilisation for your pet including what to expect, and what the benefits can be. 

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Why should I get my dog neutered?

While puppies are adorable, a litter is a huge undertaking, financially and emotionally. Female dogs especially also have health problems associated with not being neutered, such as uterine infections and mammary cancers. Find out more about neutering your dog here. 

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Why should I get my cat neutered?

Cats are prolific reproducers – did you know they can have a litter as young as four months old? With their often independent lifestyles, accidental pregnancy is a huge risk for unneutered cats, not to mention the rather unpleasant hormonal behaviour unneutered males can display! Find out more about neutering your cat here. 

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Why should I get my rabbit neutered?

Rabbits love company, and should never be kept alone, but unfortunately, hormones can make them very grumpy! Neutering is a great way to calm down irate bunnies, prevent unwanted litters, and reduce the risk of nasty health problems such as some cancers. Find out more about neutering your rabbit here. 

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Why should I get my ferret neutered?

Ferrets are very unusual pets where their reproductive system is concerned! Female ferrets (jils) can become very ill and even die if their reproductive cycle is not controlled. Ferrets are also quite pungent creatures, and some forms of reproductive control can help dampen the characteristic smell! Find out more about your ferrets reproductive system, and how to manage it, here. 

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Behind the scenes

Leaving your pet at the vets for the day can be stressful. Our handy backstage guide lets you know how we care for your pet, what happens during routine neutering, and what to expect during the day, giving you peace of mind that your pet’s happiness is top of our agenda.

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