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Neutering your cat, dog or rabbit

Being a responsible pet owner means having your pet neutered

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It's your responsibility

Unless you are planning to breed from your pet, we recommend that it is be neutered as soon as it’s old enough.

Why should I get my dog neutered?

The most obvious result of neutering or spaying your dog is that it helps prevent unwanted puppies, but there are other health benefits too. It reduces the risk of some types of cancer, and even completely removes the risk of others. Older female dogs that haven’t been spayed are at risk of a potentially fatal condition called pyometra – an infection of the womb.  

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Why should I get my cat neutered?

Having your female cat spayed helps reduce the risk of various cancers, even removing the risk of your cat getting some of them. If your cat isn’t spayed, she could get pregnant and have kittens and you may also find she makes an unpleasant calling sound throughout the night while she is in season. Once your cat is spayed, she is unlikely to wander as far, and that helps make sure you don’t lose her. 

After your male cat has had ‘the snip’, he is less likely to spray strongly-smelling urine to mark his territory or wander far from home in search of females. He is also likely to be much less aggressive, which means fewer fights and injuries. 

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Why should I get my rabbit neutered?

Neutered or spayed rabbits are calmer and easier to manage, which makes it easier for you to handle and care for them, and for the rabbits themselves to bond to other rabbits. It is also a responsible decision as it prevents over-population, and while baby bunnies are very cute, the UK’s rabbit shelters are always full.

Not only does it stop your rabbit breeding, it can also help it live a longer, healthier life with a reduced risk of cancer and urinary tract infections.

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