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Pet passports

You can use your pet's passport to travel abroad as long as their rabies vaccine remains in date. If your pet misses a booster you won't be able to travel for 21 days.

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Going on holiday? Your pet can pack too with their pet passport!

The Pets Travel Scheme (PETS) has been in operation since February 2000 and means that with a Pet Passport your pet can re-enter the UK from the EU without having to be quarantined, making the possibility of holidaying abroad with your pets a real one! On 1st January 2012, PETS changed to harmonise the UK's regulations with the rest of the EU. The team at your local Vets4Pets will be more than happy to walk you through the process of getting a passport for your pet.

The main purpose of the scheme is to keep the UK free from Rabies and certain other foreign diseases that are transmitted by biting insects and ticks. Our pets are susceptible to these exotic diseases which in most cases are not easily treated and can often prove fatal. We would therefore recommend that you book an appointment at your local Vets4Pets to apply in good time for us to issue your pet with a Pet Passport and advise you on parasite treatment required for travelling.

It is also a good idea to contact the Pet Travel Scheme helpline (0370 241 1710) prior to making any travel plans to discuss any recent changes or specific restrictions regarding the country you are travelling to.

Before you go, make sure you check whether you are travelling to an EU or listed non-EU country or an unlisted non-EU country. Travel to and from unlisted non-EU countries tends to be more complicated than just obtaining a Pet Passport so make sure you check all the requirements ahead of time.

A Pet Passport is required to re-enter to the UK from an EU or listed non-EU. You will need to make sure your pet:

  • has been issued with a Pet Passport
  • has had a microchip implanted
  • is at least 15 weeks old at time of travelling
  • is vaccinated against rabies 
  • has been treated for tapeworm (dogs only)

To find out which countries are listed and which are not, please visit:

Don’t worry if this all seems confusing - the team at your local Vets4Pets practice will be more than happy to talk you through the process.

Before you come back, make sure your dog...

  • Has received preventative medication against insect-borne diseases in the country you are visiting.

Length of waiting period before entry to the UK

  • From an EU and listed non EU country your animal may not enter the UK under PETS until 21 days have passed from the date that the rabies vaccination was administered.
  • From an unlisted non-EU country your pet may not enter the UK under PETS until three calendar months have passed since a satisfactory rabies antibody titre blood test.

Travel arrangements

Pets must enter the UK with an approved transport company on an authorised route. For a list of approved companies please visit