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Poisonous plants

Reactions to these plants will vary depending on species, size and the amount they’ve ingested or come into contact with.

We’ve pulled together a list of some of the plants that can be harmful to pets - some of these might cause an upset stomach or irritate their skin, whereas others can be fatal.

Reactions to these plants will vary depending on species, size and the amount they’ve ingested or come into contact with. If you believe your pet is having a reaction to one of the plants listed, contact your vet as soon as possible.

Please note, that this list is not exhaustive.

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How to identify a plant

If you have an Apple iPhone with iOS 15 or later, then you can use your iPhone to recognize and identify species of plants. 

1. Take a photo of the plant

2. Open Photos and find the image

3. Swipe up on the image

4. Tap Look Up

There are also many other apps which allow you to identify a plant via a photo on the Apple and Android app stores.


Amaryllis are poisonous to cats and fatal to dogs.

Amarylli Plant


The kernels of apricot can be fatal to dogs.

Apricot plant


Azalea is poisonous to cats, and if eaten in large quantities it can be fatal to your dog.

Azalea Plant


Bluebells are poisonous to cats, rabbits, and dogs (particularly if dogs eat them in large quantities).

Bluebell Plants


Buttercups are poisonous to cats, rabbits, and dogs.

Buttercup plant


The leaves and seeds of a castor plant can be fatal to dogs.

Castor plant


In particular, the leaves and bulbs of a daffodil plant are poisonous to cats and rabbits and fatal to dogs.

Daffodils Plant


Dahlia's are poisonous to cats and even physical contact can irritate their skin.

Dahlia Plant


Plants in the dieffenbachia species are fatal to dogs with symptoms such as loss of balance, tremors, seizures, and diarrhoea. 

Dieffenbachia plant


Foxglove is poisonous to rabbits and dogs, and fatal to cats.

Foxglove plant


Iris is poisonous to cats (including irritated skin if in contact), and dogs.

Iris Plant


Ivy's are poisonous to cats (including irritated skin on contact), rabbits, and dogs (if eaten in large quantities).

Ivy plant

Laburnum Tree

The Laburnum Tree (or Golden Chain Tree) is poisonous to dogs.

Laburnum Tree


Lilies of all types are poisonous to cats, rabbits, and dogs. Water from a vase containing lilies is toxic to cats.

Lily plant


Mistletoe is poisonous to cats (including irritated skin if in contact), and dogs, and is fatal to puppies in particular. 

Mistletoe plant


Oleander is poisonous to cats and fatal to dogs. The water in a vase containing oleander is toxic to cats.

Oleander plant


Onions are poisonous to cats, rabbits, and dogs and should not be fed to your pet.

Onion Plant


Rhododendron is poisonous to your cat and fatal to your dog.

Rhododendron Plant


Rhubarb is poisonous to cats and rabbits (particularly for rabbits, the leaves of rhubarb) and fatal to dogs.

Rhubarb Plant


A tomato plant is poisonous to cats (including irritated skin upon contact), rabbits and dogs.

Tomato plant


Tulips are poisonous to cats, rabbits, and dogs. Irritated skin can occur for both cats and dogs if they come into contact with this plant.

Tulip Plants


Yew is poisonous to rabbits and is fatal to cats and dogs.

Yew Plant

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