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Rabbit advice: grooming your rabbit

Regular grooming makes a real difference to your animal’s health

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It's all part of your rabbit's routine

Good rabbit care means doing more than just feeding them and allowing them to exercise. Grooming is part of a healthy pet’s life, so you should make time each week to give them a good brush. Not only does it keep your bunny’s coat in great condition, it also helps your pet get used to being handled and allows you to check for lumps or bumps that shouldn’t be there.


Short haired rabbits should be brushed twice a week, while those with long hair need brushing every day. Place your pet on a towel and check them from head to toe – look for anything out of the ordinary, particularly a dirty bottom – then brush gently in the direction of hair growth with a medium bristle brush.


While brushing, you may notice evidence of fleas. This could be either the fleas themselves, or dark flecks that turn red when brushed out with a damp tissue. If you spot these giveaway signs, speak to Vets4Pets about the best flea treatment for your pet. It’s important to tackle fleas as they don’t just cause discomfort – they can also cause anaemia.

Teeth and claws

If your rabbit’s claws are getting long, either clip them yourself with nail clippers, or ask Vets4Pets to give you a hand. Your pet’s teeth will also grow continually, and though they will wear down naturally when the animal chews their food, they can sometimes grow crookedly which causes eating problems. 

If you’re concerned about its teeth, contact Vets4Pets.