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Rabbit advice: fun and games with your pet

Playing with your rabbit helps keep it active and healthy

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It's time to hop, skip and jump

Rabbits need exercise just as much as we do, and play is a great way to help them stay in shape. Games and exercise also help keep their minds active, so make time to play with your pet as often as you can. Sometimes it’s fun to use balls and toys, but there’s no need to buy expensive play things. Our tips will give you a few ideas.

Balls and toys

Very small balls could get swallowed, but your rabbit will have great fun nudging a child-safe ball with their nose. Roll it towards your pet and see what happens! Plastic cat toys can also be used to play fetch with your rabbit. Throw the toy gently and they might just pick it up – and even throw it back!

Running and chasing

Get your rabbit used to following you by holding a treat just out of reach, then encouraging it to chase you round the house or garden. Don’t forget to reward your rabbit every now and then by letting them catch the treat!

Cardboard boxes

Why buy expensive pet toys when a cardboard box offers just as much fun? Remove any staples first, then have fun building cardboard constructions in which your rabbit can burrow, climb and hide. With a few more boxes you could even build an obstacle course with ramps, jumps, tunnels – and the occasional hidden treat.