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Coping with Firework Season | Rabbit Advice | Vets4Pets
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Rabbits and guinea pigs – fireworks

Keep your rabbits and guinea pigs stress free during the fireworks season

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How do I know if my rabbit is frightened about fireworks?

Rabbits and guinea pigs show even more subtle signs to cats when it comes to fear but this doesn’t mean bonfire night isn’t a distressing and frightening time for them as well. You can really help your furry friend by making a few simple changes to their environment which will help make them as calm and comfortable as possible.

Signs to look out for include:

  • Stamping their back legs 
  • Staying motionless
  • Attempting to escape
  • Grinding their teeth 
  • Refusal to eat - this can be very dangerous in rabbits! 

If you have any questions at all, you can speak to a vet or nurse at your local practice and they will be happy to answer any other questions you may have

Environmental changes

It is a good idea bring the hutch inside, if you can. If this is not possible you can partly cover hutches with blankets so that they have some soundproofing.

You can try to soundproof your house by closing windows and drawing curtains. Playing relaxing music or watching TV can also help to muffle the loud bangs To help your rabbit feel comfortable ensure they have a safe and easily accessible place available in their hutch or cage to hide inside. This should be a secure area, with plenty of bedding where they can go to feel safe.

Pheromone support

Unfortunately there are no synthetic pheromones available for rabbits to reduce stress-related behaviour like the ones for cats and dogs. You can try and distract your rabbit by providing a new toy or giving them some of their favourite food to tuck into!

On the night 'top tips'

Bring your rabbit hutch inside if possible Close the curtains and turn on the TV or play music to muffle the sound of the fireworks Never leave rabbits in outdoor runs, make sure they are safely in their hutches/cages.

Ensure your rabbit has a safe area to hide away in Consider distracting your rabbit by giving them a new toy and offering their favourite food.