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Rabbit advice: protecting your pet against worms

Rabbits can easily pick up parasites, but some can make them very ill

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Pet animals including rabbits attract all kinds of parasites, but some of these can make your pet really ill. Keeping your rabbit’s living conditions clean can help prevent them picking up worms in the first place, but if they do get a heavy worm infection, they could end up suffering from sickness, diarrhoea, weight loss and a weakened immune system.


Roundworms can have a nasty effect not just on rabbits, but on people too, with children most likely to be infected. It makes sense to treat your rabbit regularly in order to get rid of any roundworms, as they can spread throughout out the body, affecting the eyes and even causing blindness.


Rabbits can pick up tapeworms if they swallow fleas while grooming their coats. Once inside your pet’s gut, the worm larvae carried by the flea can grow into a long adult worm, and that’s bad news for your bunny!

Treating worms

It’s easy to treat your rabbit against worms and keep it protected. Just remember that it should be done regularly – around four times a year. There are different worming programmes to suit different rabbits, so speak to us to find out which one is right for your animal.