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Ferret Parasites

Parasites that can effect ferrets

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While ferrets are surprisingly hardy against parasites, there are still a large range of parasites that are happy to move in, especially when ferrets are young, otherwise unwell, out and about or in poor conditions. 

Follow our handy links below to take a closer look at the parasites that can be a problem for your ferret.

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Mite infestations can be an itchy business. With a few species of mites more than happy to set up residence on your ferret, knowing what to look out for, and how to prevent them settling in, is an important part of keeping our ferrets scratch-free!

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This microscopic parasite can cause a remarkable amount of diarrhoea for its size! Impossible to see, and easy to pick up, giardia can make ferrets quite unwell, especially kits. For more information on giardia, have a look at our web-guide. 

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A difficult to manage parasite, cryptosporidium can be a problem for ferret owners. Knowing how to keep your ferrets safe from this parasite, and how to manage if you do find cryptosporidium in your pets, is really important.

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This microscopic parasite can cause no trouble at all, but can be as serious as causing death in susceptible individuals. Knowing the signs and how to reduce the risk of coccidiosis in your ferret will help keep them happy and healthy.

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These horrible home invaders can be a nightmare to get rid of, spread rapidly and are partial to biting us too. For more information on fleas and your ferret, follow our link below.

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Unpleasant in their own right, ticks can also carry potentially deadly diseases such as Lymes disease, which can affect a range of species. Have a look at our helpful guide to see what the tick risk is to your ferret, and what to do if you find one.

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Heartworms are a problem in Europe, and although they are not routinely found in the UK, they can cause serious disease in ferrets that travel.

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