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Small Furry Parasites

Parasites that can effect your small furry

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While our small furries may be our littlest family members, owners of small furries will quickly tell you how inquisitive and full of personality they can be. Although their housing arrangements often make them less susceptible to parasites than some other pet species, small furries can still pick up parasites and it is important to know what to look out for.

Follow our handy links below to take a closer look at the parasites that can be a problem for your small furry. 

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These horrible home invaders can be a nightmare to get rid of, spread rapidly and are partial to biting us too. For more information on fleas and your small furry, have a look here.

Fleas can bite lots of our household pets – to take a look at some of the other pets that can be affected by fleas follow our link.

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Unpleasant in their own right, ticks can also lead to secondary problems in our small pets, especially anaemia. Have a look at our helpful guide to see what the tick risk is to your small pet, and what to do if you find one.

Ticks aren’t fussy and will latch on to many of our household pets – to take a look at some of the other pets that can be affected by ticks follow our link. 

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Mite infestations can be an itchy business, and with our small furries being so little, it doesn’t take many mites to cause trouble. With several species of mites more than happy to set up residence on your small pet, knowing what to look out for, and how to prevent them settling in, is an important part of keeping our smallest family members scratch-free!

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