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Taking Care Of Your Guinea Pig

These inquisitive animals have been popular pets for many years…

Guinea pigs can be kept indoors or out, making them suitable for a wide variety of homes no matter whether they are large or small, with a garden or with no outside space at all. They are gentle and curious, but as with all small furry pets, they still need to be looked after carefully in order to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

More about taking care of your guinea pig

Whether your guinea pig is kept inside or out, choose a large, secure hutch with room to move around. Guinea pigs don’t climb, so the hutch doesn’t need extra levels, but they do like to run and be active. If the hutch is outside, keep it in a sheltered spot free from draughts, but with plenty of ventilation. Provide plenty of extra bedding in winter. Hay is good as they can also eat it!
The bulk of your guinea pig’s diet should consist of hay, along with additional grass pellets from a pet shop. Green leafy vegetables are also a good diet tip for extra variety, but avoid citrus fruit completely. Don’t forget to always provide fresh clean water.
Guinea pigs need space to exercise, so make sure there’s plenty of room in their hutch along with space to roam around outside. Groom your guinea pig every day by gently brushing its coat, and take time to look out for problems around its eyes, its skin or its teeth. If anything seems out of the ordinary, get in touch with Vets4Pets.