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Spring Dangers for Pets

Spring is now upon us and families across the UK are ready to give their house a good clear out and enjoy more time in the garden, many with their pets.

Spring is a lovely time of year. Many families take the chance to go on a holiday, at home or abroad, and kitchens across the country fill up with delicious food – often including an abundance of chocolate Easter eggs!

While we may appreciate a season associated with beautiful flowers, sweet treats and seeing family, Easter and springtime can have hidden dangers for our pets. Making sure you are aware of any risks to your pets can help the whole family enjoy Easter safely, leaving you free to enjoy yourself!

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Cats and dogs

Cats and dogs can be very curious creatures, and as new foods, cleaning products and gardening equipment get pulled out for the spring season these can pose dangers to our pets. Understanding the risks, and how to protect your pets, can help the whole family have a safe and happy Easter.

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Both indoor and outdoor rabbits can be exposed to new dangers or worries over the spring season. Some of these, such as flystrike, can be deadly. Know the risks for your rabbit, so you can keep them happy and healthy this Easter.

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Small furries

In warmer weather families and pets are likely to spend more time playing in the garden. All children’s toys are fair game for pets, but playing with them can lead to serious issues. Children’s toys are bright and appealing to pets. Small toys such as Lego and marbles should be put away so pets aren’t tempted to eat them.

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