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Vets4Pets and Companion Care are pleased to welcome you to the fifth edition of the Vet Report.

Here at Vets4Pets we hold the relationship between pets and their owners at the forefront of every thing that we do. This relationship is known as the human-animal bond and is a fundamental part of pet ownership, as well as the work that happens in veterinary practices across the country every day.

The Vet Report is a chance to celebrate this bond, investigating how we support our pets, and how they support us in turn. We look at how you can make your pets happy, the impact they have on you, and how you can work together to understand each other.

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What's inside the Vet Report 2019?

Top articles from the 2019 Vet Report

Pet Communication

Talking to our pets is part of everyday life, from telling them it’s time for 'walkies!' to griping to your cat about your bad day at work.

Stills_V2Pet communication

Pets and Depression

The special relationship between us and our pets provides a bond that is essential to the health and wellbeing of both us and them.

Man with sheba

Make Your House a Home

Our pets need environments that are designed and maintained to suit them physically, emotionally and behaviourally.

Make a house a home V2

Safe Trips Home and Abroad

Knowing how to keep your pet safe and sound while on the move means that the whole family can relax, smile and enjoy spending quality time with your furriest family member!

Pet travel

Getting to the Heart of Blood Donation

We are all familiar with the concept of donating human blood and many of us donate regularly. Despite this, surprisingly few people are aware that a similar service exists for dogs.

Pet Blood

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