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Confused about Health Plans and insurance?

Pet Health Plans and insurance help you protect your pet, but they’re very different things, make sure you know what’s best for your furry friend.

Health plan selection:

The key differences between pet Health Plans and pet insurance:

Pet Health Plans

Our range of Health Plans make essential routine treatments more affordable. Depending on which Health Plan you choose, you’ll save money on things like annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and routine health check-ups. To help you, we'll send you handy reminders and with most plans, you can spread the cost across the year. They really are the easy way to protect your pet. 

Pet Insurance

Insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary treatment for unexpected illness or injury. We believe it’s an essential part of responsible pet ownership which ensures your pet can receive the best treatment possible. 

What's included with Pet Insurance


Fees Pets are just as susceptible to illness and injuries as their owners, and unexpected trips to the vet can happen. Veterinary Fees cover is included within pet insurance to help with the cost of treatment for your pet following an unexpected illness or injury. The fact that 1 in 2 pet owners have had to make an unforeseen visit to the vet within the past two years (Mintel, 2014) highlights the genuine need for this cover.


When your pet is unwell, we will often need to run diagnostic tests to understand the cause and advise you on the appropriate treatment options. Pet insurance can provide cover for these diagnostic tests, helping to get your pet back to the fun and rewarding animal you are used to as soon as possible.

Specialist referral treatment

On occasion pets may need to be treated by a referral practice, either for further investigation or for more specialised treatment or diagnostics, and pet insurance can help cover this cost.

Prescribed medication

Pets, just like their owners, can develop long term or more acute illnesses that need medication. Pet insurance can cover the cost of prescribed medication, which is especially important for lifetime conditions when the cost of medication can soon mount up. Not all pet insurance is the same, so it’s important to choose your policy carefully.

It’s important that your pet is insured so speak to a member of the team about setting up a Petplan policy for your pet today!

What's included with a Pet Health Plan


Pets can suffer from a range of nasty diseases, some of which cause a lot of discomfort and many of which can be fatal. The best way to protect your pet is to have it vaccinated by a vet as soon as it is old enough. Your pet will first have a primary course of injections, then a booster jab each year to keep the immunity topped up.

Flea and Worm Treatment

Pets can catch a number of internal and external parasites that can cause a lot of discomfort. As part of your preventative healthcare routine for your furry friend, we recommend regular parasite protection from your vet.

Annual Health Check

Keeping health issues at bay takes an expert’s eye, which is why we recommend regular visits to the vet. It’s the perfect way to spot problems and treat them before things get worse.

Diet and Weight Consultation

Keeping your pet fit and healthy is important. Taking your pet for a diet and weight consultation will help make sure it stays a healthy weight. There are lots of factors you need to take into consideration when thinking about what to feed your pet and our team can advise you whether you’re feeding the correct diet.

Discounts off Veterinary Procedures

Most plans will offer discounts on common veterinary procedures such as neutering, dentals and nail clips to keep your pet

It’s important that your pet has a preventative health care plan so speak to a member of the team about registering your pet to a health plan today.