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Complete Care Junior 24/7 Support Line

Access an exclusive 24/7 support line where a team of trained veterinary colleagues will be on hand to support you whenever you need them

You know all those moments when you need to ask a question to your vet or vet nurse team about your puppy or kitten - maybe they don’t seem their usual selves or you are not sure you are giving them the right food... Well we have a team of trained veterinary colleagues on the other side of the phone, to answer your questions and give you support at a time and place convenient to you.

When you become a member of Complete Care Junior, you will receive your exclusive Complete Care Junior 24/7 Support line number from your local practice.

Calling our helpline first can save you time, cost and the stress of an unnecessary trip to the vet. The vet or veterinary nurse will help determine if the situation is more urgent right away and offer appropriate advice.

For emergencies, you will still need to contact your vet directly or your out-of-hours provider.  

Terms and conditions apply.

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