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We are now able to provide all our normal services but in the safest possible way. When you book your appointment our friendly team will explain what to expect at your visit. In response to government guidance, a face covering must now be worn when visiting us. Let's help keep each other safe.

Dudley Vets4Pets

Fisher Street
Dudley Port
West Midlands

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We’re now offering some vaccinations

In response to updated guidance from our regulatory body we are now carrying out some primary and booster vaccinations, where it is safe to do so and required or indicated for your pet’s welfare. If your pet is due their vaccinations please contact us for further advice.

Safe collection of medication available

We are now able to offer safe collection of your pet’s medication and flea and worm preventative mediations. Please contact us to find out more.

Meet the team

Jo Day

Jo Day

Practice Owner & Veterinary Surgeon

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Do you own any pets? I have a crazy cockapoo called Bella, a big boy cat Toby and a little old girl cat Rosie What are your hobbies? Running the practice and working as a vet, my free time is limited but when I can I love to spend time with my family and friends. I also enjoy cycling and fitness and when I can I enjoy morris dancing What made you want to work with pets? I have wanted to be a vet from the age of 8, my earliest memories are of my pets. In 1996 I achieved my ambition and I have been working locally as a vet ever since. I still think of my job as both a privilege and a joy. What is your favourite bit about working for Vets4Pets? I love that every day is different. We have a wonderful team and they are a pleasure to work with. I am so proud of the service and excellent care that we provide at the practice. Favourite famous animal Eddie on Frasier, so funny.
Angela Madalina Alexandrescu

Angela Madalina Alexandrescu

Veterinary Surgeon

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Do you own any pets? I have three lovely cats. Their names are Milli, Piscot and Felix. Do you have any hobbies? My hobbies are playing the guitar and visiting new places. What made you work for Vets4pets? One year before I had to go to college I had no idea what I could do in the future. Since I was little I've always been very good with animals, I always wanted to have them around and help them whenever I could, so I decided that veterinary medicine would be the most fullfilling path I could choose. What is your favourite bit about working for Vets4pets? The fact that I have the opportunity to work with amazing people and to meet amazing, loving people and animals. I also have the opportunity of progressing everyday in an incredible environment. What is your favorite famous animal? My favourite famous animal is a cartoon horse named Spirit. I admire him due to the courage he had to show a young boy what true freedom, courage and unconditial friendship means.
Delia Defta

Delia Defta

Veterinary Surgeon

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Do you own any pets? I have 2 female stray dogs named Pitic and Lisa and a male cat named Motata Do you have any hobbies? I like snowboarding and to read What made you work for Vets4pets? I love working with animals especially with stray ones that are in need. At the same time I am so happy to help all the animals in our care. What is your favourite bit about working for Vets4pets? Working for Vets4Pets: every day is interesting. I am happy that I can help the worried owners who love their pets and take care of them.
Dinali O'Hara Dudley

Dinali O'Hara

Veterinary Surgeon

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Do you own pets?
I have 2 beautiful cats called Nel and Blossom

Do you have hobbies?
I dabble a little in photography and also enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Travelling around the world and experiencing new things is also one of my great interests.

What made you work for Vets4Pets?
After having my little boy in 2018 I was looking for a better work-life balance so I could spend more time with my family but also continue to enjoy working as a vet. vets4pets was able to offer me this flexibility and it has been a welcome change to my life.

What is your favourite bit about working for Vets4Pets?
Working with a great team - they are fun loving but also very caring.


Lisa Marie Madeley

Veterinary Nurse/Practice Manager

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Do you own any pets? Yes, two beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Boomer and Patsey and a Red Factor Canary named Phoniex. Do you have any hobbies? Walking the dogs and spin class. What made you work for Vets4pets? My JVP Jo Day (Jo trained me up in a previous practice) and knowing that I could develop my career, I have gone from a Veterinary Nurse to Head Nurse, to Practice Manager, during my 7 years with Vets4pets. What is your favourite bit about working for Vets4pets? The fantastic team, I work with, I feel happy coming to work, although we are very professional, we have lots of fun too! Also the career development and opportunities I been given, Many Thanks. What is your favourite famous animal? My Favourite famous animal is Hooch, out of Turner and Hooch
Vanessa Stokes

Vanessa Stokes

Head Nurse

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What pets do you have? 8 cats - Ivy Pika Kissu Aeris Pidgy Pumpkin Moomi Spooks What are your hobbies? Karate Boxing, Mud runs and Pole fitness Cats! Always had animals growing up but wasn't aware of the role of the vet nurse until I did work experience aged 16 so decided then to change my career plan from being an engineer to becoming a veterinary nurse. What is the best part about working here? I love working for Vets4Pets because no day is the same and I am allowed to express my love for cats where I would otherwise be deemed crazy!!
Bethany Lomas

Bethany Lomas

Student Veterinary Nurse

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What pets do you have? I have a cat named Floki, a horse named Ozzy and a step dog named Ronnie. What hobbies do you have? My hobbies are horse riding I just love all animals and could never see myself working in any other industry. What's the best thing about working her? The best thing about working at Vets4Pets is our amazing team, the varied role and the lovely clients.
Chelsea Tansley

Chelsea Tansley

Student Veterinary Nurse


Sophie Blincoe-Allsop

Veterinary Nurse

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What are your hobbies?  Reading and walking the dog

What made you want to work with animals?  I have spent the majority of my life surrounded by animals.  I always had a menagerie of weird and wonderful pets.

What is your favourite part about working here?  The team.  We work really well together.  We also have lovely clients and patients.

What is your favourite famous animal?  Thowra the Silver Brumby




Suzanne Davis

Suzanne Davis

Client Care Advisor

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How many pets do you have? I have 8 cats, Zebedee, Ziva, and Findlay are domestic short hair, Newton is a domestic semi long hair, Darcy, Shroedinger, Cosmo and Teddy are ragdolls. What are your hobbies? Sewing, Reading, Gardening, Dining. I am a global moderator on a games forum and I run 2 groups on Facebook, one is 6 Degrees based on Quarry Bank and surrounding areas and the other is a Zombie Apocalypse page. Cats Protection came to my aid when my cat Noodles was having trouble feeding her 6 kittens, they wouldn't take any payment, but to repay them I became a fosterer, I then manned the Adoption Line for a year, and then became a Home checker. What is your favourite part abouot working for this team? I like working with the team, they are all dedicated to helping the animals. Its lovely to see the progress on pets which have come to us getting better and their development
Sam Stringer

Sam Stringer

Client Care Advisor

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What are your hobbies? My hobbies are swimming, socialising with my friends and nice walks. What made you want to work with pets? I have always loved animals from a young age, I grew up with pets around me and they have always been a big part of my life, its such an enjoyment to work with animals you get so much pleasure from it. What is your favourite part about working here? My favourite part about working here is seeing all the lovely pets everyday, everyday is so different you never know what to expect, never a boring day at vets4pets. What is your favourite famous animal? My favourite famous animal is definitely Marley from the film Marley and me, I love Labradors.
Nadia Fawaz

Nadia Fawaz

Senior Client Care Advisor

Read Nadia Fawaz bio

Do you own any pets? 2 dogs, Teddy - a Chihuahua cross papillon and Blue, a deaf blue merle collie What are your hobbies? Reading, music and cinema. What made you want to work with pets? I have always loved animals. What is your favourite bit about working for Vets4Pets? I love seeing all the animals and what a difference we make to their lives. I also love the interaction with the clients too! Favourite famous animal? - Beethoven as he's so naughty
Di Lester

Di Lester

Client Care Advisor

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What are your hobbies?

I enjoy spending time with my animals and my family.

What made you want to work with animals?

I have loved animals from a very early age and always wanted to work with them.

What is your favourite part about working here?

I love working here as the staff all work as one big team and everyone is passionate about the animals.

What is your favourite famous animal?

My favourite famous animal would have to be Shep from Blue Peter (Showing my age lol)

kirstie shenstone edit 2

Kirstie Shenstone

Client Care Advisor

Read Kirstie Shenstone bio

What are your hobbies?

Spending time with my family.

What made you want to work with animals?

I've always loved animals from as young an age as I can remember.

What is your favourite part about working here?

The people who I work with and the customers and their pets.

What is your favourite famous animal?

Hooch from Turner and Hooch.

Vets4Pets Dudley is committed to bringing you affordable, high quality care via a modern, well equipped practice, including a lab, pharmacy, digital x-ray and ultrasound. Dudley Vets4Pets is an RCVS accredited practice.  Dudley Vet4pets also holds an ISFM Silver Certificate Cat Friendly Clinic award and  a Compassion Understood bronze award.   Plus on site car parking too!

The friendly team can't wait to meet all of their new clients!



  • Dental X-Ray
    Unlike humans, dogs need to be under general anesthesia for dental X-rays. Anesthesia is considered to be a safe procedure and will be performed after a general examination. It is tailored to the individual and your dog is continuously monitored during the dental exam.
  • Emergency cover
    Even if we are closed, we have your pet covered.
  • Operating Theatre
    An operating theatre with gaseous anaesthetic facility for surgical procedures.
  • Separate Cat & Dog Wards
    Separate cat and dog hospital wards, designed to ensure your pet is kept in a comfortably stress free environment.

Show more services

  • Digital X-Ray
    Digital X ray equipment is available.
  • Isolation Unit
    A special ward to care for animals with contagious diseases.
  • Echocardiography (heart scans)
    Generates a 2D moving image of your pet's heart.
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
    Used to measure the range of blood pressure as a preventative treatment to identify early signs of systemic hypertension.
  • Ultrasound
    Generates 2-D moving images of your pet’s internal organs at work.
  • Biochemistry
    Allows an assessment of the functionality of a patients organs.
  • Haematology
    Allows the assessment of a patient's blood and blood cells.
  • Electrolyte
    Enables the assessment of critical blood chemicals such as sodium and potassium.
  • In-house Laboratory
    A range of analytical tests and equipment to assist in the rapid diagnosis of illness.
  • X-Ray
    Generates digital 2D images of bones and internal organs.
  • X-Ray & Ultrasound
    X-Ray & Ultrasound
  • Weight Clinic
    Monitoring clinic to help dogs and cats achieve optimal weights – both if they have been under or overweight
  • Soft Tissue
    Surgical procedures involving the soft tissues such as ears and skin.
  • Puppy Parties
    Puppy parties to support you to train, socialise and ensure your puppy has the best start in life possible.
  • Prescriptions
    We can provide written prescriptions upon request.
  • Health Plans
    Designed to cover all the regular pet care essentials such as vaccinations and flea and worm prevention, whilst saving you money.
  • Pet Passport
    Trained Official Veterinarian vets to issue Pet Passports, Fit to Fly letters and rabies serology tests.
  • Late Opening Times
    Late Opening Times
  • Oncology
    Medical care of cancer.
  • Nutritional Advice
    Advice and support for your pet's diet.
  • Nurse Clinic
    Appointments with a highly qualified nurse which can cover anything from nutrition and fitness advice, grooming techniques, to pet socialisation classes.
  • Medication
  • Locally Owned
    This practice is locally owned.
  • Hospital Ward
    Suite of custom-built kennels for the housing and monitoring of in-patients.
  • Home Visits
    If you can’t make it us, we will come to you. We offer routine home visit for pets who don’t like to leave the house or clients who are unable to visit us. (Additional costs may occur)
  • Chemotherapy
    Dogs and cats that receive chemotherapy feel normal the day they are given the drug.
  • Bereavement Support
    Making the decision to say goodbye to your pet is one of the toughest you’ll ever make. Pets provide us with unconditional love, friendship and comfort, so it is normal to have intense or conflicting emotions when it comes to euthanasia. At Vets4Pets we’re here for you and your pet for every step of your journey together.
  • Behaviourist
    The Behaviourist approach to learning studied changes in behaviour that are caused by a person's direct experience of their environment, using the principles of classical and operant conditioning to explain them.
  • Anaesthetic
    General anaesthetic enables us to perform many procedures kindly and safely for your pet.
  • Dentistry
    The treatment and prevention of dental disease
  • Microchipping
    A microchip can help retrieve lost pets

Practice accreditations

  • RCVS accreditation EDITED
  • $R011TVO

Health Plans

Starter pack protection

Best Start in Life

Our Best Start in Life starter pack includes everything they'll need from a veterinary perspective to grow up happy and healthy, from a microchip to their first vaccinations.
kitten in practice

Health Plan

Complete Care

From £8 a month
Complete peace of mind
Complete Care dog header

Health Plan

Complete Care Senior

From £17
A complete care plan for your 7+ year old pet's continued good health
senior dog outside in sun

Health Plans

Flea & Worm Pack

Protect your pet and your pocket!
dog in field

Health Plan


Just £99
Vac4Life is a preventative plan following primary vaccinations

Out of hours

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Standard consultations before 11pm start from £173.50. Standard consultations after 11pm start from £222.70.

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