Opti Vet Report 2019 V4 (1)

2 The Vet Report Here at Vets4Pets we hold the relationship between pets and their owners at the forefront of everything that we do. a fundamental part of pet ownership, as well as the work that happens in veterinary practices across the country every day. best friends. The human-animal bond encapsulates the special place our pets have in our lives, strengthens the wellbeing of both pets and people, and underpins everything we value and love about our animal friends. For some, it can even be life-saving. The Vet Report is a chance to celebrate this bond, investigating how we support our pets, and how they support us in turn. We look at how you can make your pets happy, the impact they have on you, and how you can work together to understand each other. We hope you enjoy reading the Vet Report as much as we enjoyed writing it. Best wishes, Huw Stacey Director of Clinical Services Vets4Pets For more information on givin g our pets the ve ry best pet care, visit our website vets4pets.com At Vets4Pets we know that pets are more than just family This relationship is known as the human-animal bond and is members. From joy-filled Labradors to purring Persians, they are companions, councillors, fitness trainers, comforters and