Territorial Aggression

A look at how, when and why
dogs turn to aggression.

What is

Despite the enormity of responsibility placed on dog owners to maintain the safety of their family and visitors, canine aggression remains a commonproblem and territorial aggression continues to be misunderstood and badly managed.

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Hospital admissions up 7%

200,000 people are bitten in England per year

15,000 Attacks

On postal workers in the UK over the last 5 years

Online Shopping

More parcel deliveries increase the risk of confrontation with a dog

These incidents predominantly occur within
home & garden

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Bites up 7%

Victims are most commonlyfrequent visitors to the house or persons known to the dog

Bites up 7%

Any Dog Can Bite
Territorial Aggression isa natural instinct in all dogs

The steps
of aggression

Aggressive behaviour is
intended to enhance the dog’s
safety; a clear message to
another individual that the dog
is not comfortable and wishes
to increase the distance
between itself and whatever it
is finding threatening.

Cycle of aggression

How and why dogs learn to
be aggressive towards people

Incident of Aggression

The cycle continues until
the dog inadvertently gains
access to the person, for
example when the door is
opened to recieve a parcel.

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  • Manage

    If your dog has shown signs
    of territorial aggression,
    learn how to manage it here.

  • Prevent

    Territorial Aggression is a
    natural instinct, learn how to
    prevent it here.

Managing Aggressive Behaviour

Top tips for managing behaviour

Place your dog in
another room

Use a letterbox cage
or an outdoor mailbox

Never leave your
dog unsupervised

Visit your vet to
check for medical
causes of aggression

Referral to a

Develop a behaviour
modification plan

Preventing Aggressive Behaviour

Top tips for managing behaviour

Carry puppies to
meet visitors

Let visitors give them

Never leave your
dog unsupervised

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