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We're one big family.

We've always been part of the same family. Now we’ve refreshed our branding to reflect it. We’re all for pets.

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We're all for pets

We're a nation mad about pets, and we go to any lengths to keep them happy and healthy. It’s a love with no bounds and no boundaries.

A nation that will do anything and everything for their pets, needs a pet care provider that does too.

Whether it’s expert advice, veterinary care, grooming or rehoming. More people trust us with their pet than anyone else.


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Cat microchipping

From June 2024, it will be compulsory for all cats to be microchipped in the UK.


Pet parasites

Find out more about the parasites your pet could be at risk from, and how you can protect them.


Dental care

Looking after your pet's teeth is the best way to avoid problems with their dental health in the future.