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Small Furries

Small furry pet advice

Hamsters, mice and gerbils make fun pets for all the family

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Small pet advice articles

Hamsters, gerbils and mice make great family pets, and are particularly popular with children. Learning how to look after and love a pet animal can be a great learning experience, and our expert hints and tips will help make sure you do things properly when you take on responsibility for a small furry creature!
Degu Small Box.jpg


Degus are busy, active pets that love the company of other degus! 

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Rat Small Box.jpg


Rats might not get the best press but they can make fun pets! 

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Hamster Small Box.jpg


They may not live a long time, but hamsters are fun while you have them 

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Rabbits 2


Learn more about looking after rabbits with our hints and tips

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Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs make fun pets and as they can be kept indoors or out, they suit many home situations.

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Chinchillas can make cute pets, but don’t expect to see them during the day!

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