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A new way to book appointments at Vets4Pets!

Our app provides you with a new way to book appointments and manage your pet's health needs with Vet4Pets. The Vets4Pets app is currently available at a limited number of practices.

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Download our free V4P app to get access to help you manage your pets health, including access to appointment bookings, vaccination history, and offers and advice tailored to your pet

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Register with a practice

Whether you are an existing, or a new client, register with a practice through the app

Register Pets

Tell us about any new pets

Register new pets with your practice through the app, we recomend an initial health check when adding a new pet.


Book Appointments

Whether you need a vet consult or to book your annual boosters, the app allows you to book appointments direct with our practices.

Offers & Advice

Receive the latest pet advice and offers

Through the app inbox, receive the latest offers and advice tailored to your pet's needs.

App FAQ's

The app pulls active records from our practice servers. If one or more of your pets is missing this might be because they have been de-activated within our practices. Please talk directly to our colleagues at your practice as this may have been done accidentally.  

If you go to the “My Account” section of the app you will be able to update your address, contact email and mobile number. For all other updates please speak to your practice directly.

Unfortunately we only offer up the ability to book individual appointments within the app. If you wish to book an appointment for multiple pets, please speak to your practice and they will find the most appropriate appointment slot for you.

At the moment you can only add or delete appointments within the mobile app. However, our practices will be more than happy to amend appointments for you, both over the phone and in person. As soon as the appointment has been updated, if you reopen the app, the new time will be reflected within the app.

Unfortunately at the moment you can only register with one practice through the app. This is something we are looking at and may be part of our future roadmap.

If you have a technical issue, please email us on the following address mobileapp@vets4pets.comand we will endeavour to look into your issue as soon as we can.

Not all available appointment slots are pulled through to the app, as some of our practices keep appointment slots blocked out for various reasons. If you can’t find an appropriate time within the app, please call our colleagues in your practice and they may be able to open an appointment slot for you on your requested day.

If you believe you have booked an appointment and it isn’t showing in the app, please contact your practice directly to discuss the appointment.

  1. Open the menu
  2. Select the “My Pets” option
  3. Click on the add a pet button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Enter your pet’s Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Species, Breed, and whether they are neutered. Feel free to add a photo or bio for your pet.
  5. Click “Done” to complete.

You can send a request to the vet practice to remove a pet account from the app.

  1. Open the menu
  2. Select the “My Pets” option
  3. Select the pet you wish to request to remove
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Remove this pet’s account?”
  5. Select a reason for the request
  6. Click “Submit” when complete

All requests will go through our practices to complete. As soon as they receive your request, they will run through some final checks on your pet’s record and deactivate the patient record.

  1. Open the menu
  2. Select the “Settings” option
  3. Select “Preferences” from the list
  4. Underneath select your communication preferences toggle the push notifications option off
  5. Click “Save” to save your preferences

If you have not received a reminder for your vaccination, please contact your vet practice who can advise.