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Moving house?

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. It’s worth considering the effect moving can have on your pets.

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Of all the household pets we own, cats are often the worst affected by big changes like a house move. However, with a little preparation and consideration you can make things much easier for your cats to help keep them calm and happy.

It’s not just moving day when the removal company arrives that can be difficult for your cat. Moving items around and introducing lots of boxes and packing materials can be very unsettling for him or her. 

Once in their new home, your cat will really appreciate it if you take some time to consider and set out quiet corners, vantage points and scratching posts for them. But don’t forget to do the same in the garden once you are happy that they are ready to start going outside. 

Scents are important to cats

We often forget how important odours are to our cats and all this moving things around can really change the smell of a place! 

Scent left on your cat’s bed, items of your clothing or other pieces of furniture where your cat spends time will also be comforting to him or her so make sure these are available whilst they are travelling and also once you reach your new house. 

Smells left behind by previous pets who lived in your new house before you can be a real problem, so make sure the house has had a thorough clean before you introduce your pets to their new home.

Making sure your cat is relaxed

There are special plug-ins you can buy from your local Vets4Pets practice which emit a scent which mimics the naturally occurring pheromones that a new mother would produce which can help your cat feel more relaxed. 

These can be used both in your old home whilst the packing process is going on and then also in your new home once you’ve moved to help your pet settle in.

Travel sickness in cats

For cats, travelling is made much easier if they are comfortable with being in their cat carrier. Time spent getting your cat used to their carrier is time very well spent. Not only will it make this journey easier, but trips to the vet can be made stress free if your cat is happy to be in their carrier. The key to this is not just getting the carrier out when you need to take your cat somewhere. Try feeding your cat in there from time to time and put their favourite blanket or toy in.